Tuesday: Lambs & Foals

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Mallory is the new calendar girl this week.  She added all the numbers to the calendar and found the day of the week in Spanish.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:We will be discussing lambs and foals today.  The children told me what they know about each.  Fun Facts:  A mother’s milk is the only nourishment a lamb needs for the first several weeks.  Lambs are most often born as twins.  They weigh around 9 pounds when they are born.  Lambs can walk minutes after  birth so they can eat and follow the flock.  Foal Fun Facts:  Boy foals are called colts, while girl foals are called fillies.  When a horse is born, it’s legs are almost their full adult length!  Most foals are born at night under cover of darkness and away from prying eyes and possible danger.  A newborn foal can stand up within an hour of being born and can keep up with the rest of the herd within 24 hours! When first born, foals cannot eat grass because their legs are too long to reach it! Discussed:  What is one way a baby animal can be fed?  Did you know that although many baby animals drink milk from their mommy, some babies, like a lamb, could also drink milk from a bottle or syringe?  Discussed:  What kind of things do you think a baby needs to learn to do?  Many animals are not born walking yet. This is something they learn to do.

Social Skills:  Discussed:  Do you think a baby remembers things that have happened to him?  It is hard for us to recall actual memories, but we do retain skills we learned as a child.  The memories of when we were babies come from stories that people share with us.  Looked at a picture that they will be drawing in afternoon centers.

Shapes:  Discussed: How could you keep baby animals safe on a farm?  Farmers build fences (usually called pens) to keep babies in and other animals out.  We looked at the brown and green octagon foam shapes.  The children told me the shape and color.  I had three children that were sitting the best and quietest come up and take an animal.  They had to build a fence around the animal with the foam shapes.    We then discussed animals that could be found in a pen and animals that we could find kept outside of a pen.

Chit Chat:  Who do you think feeds a baby lamb if the mother is not there?  Many farmers feed lambs and calves with bottles.  This way they can control what and how much a baby animal eats. 

Dramatic Play:  Discussed:  What do you think you ate/drank as a baby?  I read the script: Hungry Lambs.  The children acted it out while I read. 

Chit Chat:  How long do you think it takes for a baby horse (foal) to learn to walk/run?  Foals can begin to walk from 45 minutes to 2 hours after they are born. 

Physical Science:  Discussed:  What determines the winner of a race?  Explained that some races (such as horse races) are determined by who reaches the finish line first.  We made a ramp using a shelf board and raising it at one end with blocks.  We looked at two rolling items and predicted the one they thought would reach the finish line first.  We did this with several different items and predicted each time which one they thought would win.  We also changed our ramps slope and saw if there was a change on the objects.  Objects were ball, car, tomato (food toy), pen, glue stick, etc… 

Patterns: Discussed:  How do you think a baby learns to move?  Some babies are born able to move like adults, but some learn by watching others.  We used the matching cards and each child took one of the pairs.  I had them stand up and move like the animal on their card and try to see if they could find the person with the matching card because of the way they were moving.   They had a very difficult time finding their matching movements.

Emergent Reading: Discussed:  What animals might move quickly?  Which animals move slowly?  We looked at the Word Family Cards and I had them repeat the sound each card makes.  We discussed the word family in the word “chick”.  I wrote “ick” on the board and the children told me what letters to add to the front of the word to make new words.  They read all the new words that we made.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Lacing shapes and Library books  Center 2:  The children will draw a picture of themselves as a baby.  They will then tell us about something that they know about when they were babies to write on their picture. Center 3:  Lamb Headband- the children will make a face on the lamb head pattern.  They will then decorate it as desired and fit it to their heads to wear around the room.

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