Wednesday: Baby Sea Turtles

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.   Mallory put the number on the calendar.  She found the day of the week in Spanish and then discussed the weather. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:Reviewed what they learned about foals and lambs.  Today the children told me what they know about sea turtles.  We will be discussing baby sea turtles.  Fun Facts:  A female will deposit the eggs of 150-200 baby sea turtles.  Baby sea turtles often feed on zooplankton and nekton before they before they begin to feed on sea grass.  They are on their own as soon as they hatch.  When the baby sea turtles hatch, the baby sea turtles tear out of their shells with their snout and then instinct will lead the baby sea turtles towards the sea.  A lot of the baby sea turtles don’t make it to sea because they are eaten by predators.  Discussed:  What is one thing that might be hard for a baby?  Did you know that although it seems like it would be hard to find their way back home, many animals-like the sea turtle-use instinct to make it back home.


Emergent Writing:   We looked at their My Little Journals and discussed how they would follow the path to the sea and not run into the crab.  We had masking tape paths on the floor and the kids got to follow the paths to see where they would take them. 

Social Skills:  Discussed:  What might make it hard to find your way home?  Explained that some animals are born with disabilities, just like people, and might benefit from another’s help.  I made an obstacle course with the slide, hula hoops and a balance beam.  The children were then each blind folded and asked to go through the obstacle course.  They needed help by us to get through it because they couldn’t see.  I took some of them through it once and then they tried it by themselves the second time.  Discussed how we learn where things are and that is what an animal would have to do if it had a disability and was blind.  They really liked doing this activity.

Patterns:  Discussed:  When a baby isn’t born at home, how do you think it finds its way home?  (instinct)  I laid a blue towel and a brown towel on the floor. I put the 5turtles of different sizes on the brown towel.  The brown towel was the sand and the blue towel was the sea.  I had the children sitting the nicest come up and find a certain size of turtle and get it to crawl its way to the “sea”. They then put the turtles in order from smallest to largest.

Emergent Reading:Discussed:  How do the turtles move to get from the beach to the sea?  Sea turtles crawl to the water where they begin to swim.  We looked at our sight words on the wipe off board again: run, jump, what.  The children ran in place after they read the word “run”.  They jumped in place when they read the word “jump”.  When they read the word “what” they did whatever they wanted to do for an action.  I then put the three words in a basket across the room.  Each child took turns going to the basket and pulling out a word and read the word.  They did that action all the way back to their seats if they got run or jump.  If they got the word “what” they did whatever they wanted all the way to their seats. 

Tumble Bus Day

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:  Legos and waffle blocks Center 2:  My Little Journal-  They had the sea turtle find his way through the path to get to the sea and not run into the crab.  Center 3: The children are making a lion out of a circle of their hand prints.  They are using brown and yellow paint to make the hand prints. 

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