Thursday: Baby Skunk Kit

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Mallory put the number on the calendar, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the weather.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned yesterday about Sea Turtles.  The children told me what they know about a baby skunk.  Fun Facts:  Baby skunks are born completely toothless and blind.  The eyes of the baby skunk do not open until the skunk is a few weeks old.  The baby skunks are also unable to use their defensive spray when they are first born. The baby skunks will usually stay with their mother until they are about a year old and are old enough to mate themselves. Discussed:  What are some of the things a baby needs to learn to stay safe?  Many animals, like the skunk, have special features to help them survive.  They did a poem with Miss Corrie.

Patterns:  Discussed:  What are some of the things your doctor does to help keep you healthy?  Explained that vets and doctors give vaccinations (shots) in syringes to help keep pets and babies healthy.  We looked at a syringe and the children practiced saying the name “syringe”.  Discussed how many shots are given with this.  We then used the syringe to measure seveal children’s arms and legs and compared how long they are.  We then used the syringe to fill two different sizes of cups up with water.  They counted how many times it took to fill the syringe before the cups were full.  We then used the syringe to squirt each other with water.

Health and Safety: Discussed:  What kinds of things remind you of the skunk? The children had a hard time understanding this question.  I then had each child come up one at a time and I made stripes in a cup while they watched, with Chocolate syrup!  This reminded them of a skunks stripes.  I then added milk and the kids took their cup to their seat and mixed up their chocolate milk and drank it up.

Visual Art:  Discussed: What does a skunk do to protect itself?  Many animals have special ways to protect themselves from danger. A skunk sprays a foul odor at any threats.  We looked at the art projects that they will be making this afternoon for centers.  I picked a child to be an animal and hide and then the other child held the skunk project.  The child with the skunk went walking by the hidden child “animal”.  That child would jump out and scare the skunk and the skunk would turn around and spray the animal.  We did this until all the children had a chance to act it out. 

Physical Science:  Discussed:  How would you recognize a skunk?  Explained that a skunk is commonly known for its white stripe on the black tail.  We put black strips of paper inside the octagon shape that was taped on the floor.  Several strips had white chalk stripes on them when they were turned over.  The children each took turns putting their heads in the hole “octagon” and pulling out a strip of black paper.  They would check the other side to see if it had a white chalk mark on it!  If it did then they got sprayed by a skunk and if they didn’t they were safe. 

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Wooden Car Track and Village Center 2:  Horse Head Craft- Each child unbraided the rope to make a mane  and they glued it onto the horse head pattern.  They then put it on a popsicle stick.      Center3:  Baby Skunk-  They each added stripes on the pattern of the skunk with white chalk.  They then put the tail on the skunk body with a brass fastener.   

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