Wednesday: Tadpole

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. William put the number on the calendar and discussed the weather. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Reviewed what they learned yesterday about snakes.  The children discussed what they know about Tadpoles.  Discussed:  What do you think baby frogs look like?  Explained that a baby frog is called a tadpole. Today we will learn about the life of a tadpole.  Fun Facts:  After hatching from the egg, the tadpole, sometimes is called a polliwog.  A tadpole feeds on algae and other vegetation.  It eats its tail.  Some tadpoles actually shrink into becoming smaller frogs.  Tadpoles can live out of water as long as they remain moist. We looked at pictures of tadpoles.

Numbers:  Discussed: Where do you think a tadpole lives?  Tadpoles live in fresh water such as ponds and lakes.  They do not like salty ocean water. They looked at the Hands-on number 9 and discussed it.  They counted to 9 in English and Spanish.  They found 9 fingers on their hands.  They counted the diamonds on the Counting Card.  They practiced writing the number 9 on the wipe off board.

Social Skills: Discussed:  What kind of stories do you like to hear?  They looked at the Little Helper Chart together and talked about all the ways to be helpful at home or in school.  The child sitting the best was able to  be the “Story Chooser”.  They came up and pickedone of the stories that they wanted Miss Kelly to read to the class: “Carry Me!” or “About Birds”.  The children sat close together like tadpoles while she read the story.   They discussed the book after reading and answered some questions. 

Emergent Writing:  Discussed:  How do the number 9 and a tadpole look similar? They looked at the Daily Topic Poster to compare the tadpole with the number 9.  They then looked at their Journals and discussed how they would be making 9 green 9’s to represent tadpoles in afternoon centers.

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  How do you think a tadpole survives in the water to grow into a frog?  Did you know that tadpoles stay in groups and hide under rocks or plants to try to keep fish and other predators from eating them?  They looked at the Hands-On letter F  and discussed it.  They learned that this letter is a quiet sound and the air comes out and cools their bottom lip when they make the sound.  They discussed words that begin with the letter Ff.  They even looked in the dictionary to find more words that start with F. 

Show and Tell:  The children all brought in 9 items and 1 started with the letter “F”.  Each child came up to the front of the room, one at a time, and counted all 9 of their items.  They then found the items that started with the letter “F”.  We discussed if the children had the correct number and an item with that letter.  We helped them correct if needed. 

Tumble Bus Day: Tumble Bus Broke Down today!!!  They will be coming on Friday to make up the session from today.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:  Variety of toys  Center 2:   My Little Journals-  The children will go to the page with the number 9.  They will draw nine green 9s on the paper to represent tadpoles.  They will then use a blue crayon to draw pond water around the tadpoles and decorate as desired.  Center 3:  Frog Puppet- They will paint the brown paper bags green and once they are dry finish the projects.

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