Tuesday: Crawfish

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Ava put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned about snails. The children told what they know about crawfish.  Discussed:  What shelled animal at the pond has two large pincers in the front?  Explained that crawfish are found in freshwater such as ponds and have two large pincers to help keep them safe.  They look very similar to lobsters.  Fun Facts:  Crawfish can be kept alive out of water for several days under proper conditions.  Their gills are internal, allowing them to survive in dry conditions for varying amounts of time.  There are more than 500 hundred species of crawfish.

Visual Art:  Discussed:  How do you think a crawfish catches its food?  The crawfish uses its claws to catch small fish and tadpoles to eat.  Miss Kelly laid the diamond foam shapes on a blanket that represents the pond.  The children had to use their thumb and pointer finger like “pincers” and try to pick up the diamond shapes.

Dramatic Play: Discussed:  What kind of music do you think a crawfish could make?  They read the Little Theater story, “Claude the Crawfish”.  They acted out the story while it was read.  Asked questions to check for comprehension after reading.

Shapes: Discussed:  What parts of a crawfish do you think you could make with the diamond foam shapes?  The children looked at the Shape Design Mat and discussed.  Each child came up one at a time adding the correct color and size of the diamond foam shape to the Mat.  They did this until all the diamond shaped objects were matched with a foam shape.

Social Skills:   Discussed:  If you went to a pond, what would you look for first?  The children helped Miss Kelly draw a pond on the wipe off board and discussed what to put in it.

Show and Tell:  Each child brought in an item that is a Diamond Shape.  They came up one at a time to discuss their item.  They told us why they picked that item, how many sides it has, what color it was and more.

Closing Time:  Each child told something that they learned today.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Outside Play  Center 2:  Crawfish Headband-They will use paint on their fingers to make spots on the crawfish body.  Miss Felicia will help them put the pieces of their crawfish together.  Center 3:  Pond Pictures-  The children will paint a pond picture using watercolors and then glue the frame around their pictures.

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