Discovery Cam

Only parents with accounts issued by ABC Discovery will be able to access the DiscoveryCAM!!

Directions on how to use the webcam for the first time from your COMPUTER:

Click on the webcam above.  Login in using your username and password (lowercase)  that you gave to ABC Discovery.  Select the MultiWindows tab.  Install it and click on the “yes” and “allow” when prompted.  Then you must restart your computer and go back to it.  It should be working.  You can click on the numbers to view however many camera’s you would like.  We have 7 cameras.

To view on your iPhone or Android phone:

Android phones-  Go to your apps and add the app- GV-AView

IPhone-  Go to your apps and add the app- GV-IView

Delete the IP address in the box and put this new IP address in: 81

It should say “Host name” for the favorite name box.

Then enter your username in the box and your password in the box(lowercase).  Find the + sign  on your screen to save it.   You hit the + sign and then press connect for iPhone and a “chain link” icon for android phones.  This should take you right to the camera’s to view.  When you go back to that app it should be saved with all the info so you only have to push “connect” for iphones and the “chainlink” icon for androids.

Good Luck!  Let me know if you have any problems and I will get you in touch with the people that installed the system.